Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Woman at the Window

"Woman at the Window" is a painting from my open studio. If you're unacquainted with the term, open studio means a bunch of artists getting together and painting in the same studio and (usually though not always) painting the same thing or same person. It's a way of sharing costs but has many other benefits as well.

First by painting from life, you gain practice in converting the three dimensional into two. Even more importantly, painting from life lets you see colors and values missing from even the most accurate photograph.
Second, you have a deadline. The session will end, the model will leave, the set-up will be dismantled. You simply haven't the time to over think or overwork. Voila! You just may capture some freshness, some spontaneity on your canvas.

Woman at the Window is a 20x20 oil done in open studio.


  1. Wow, wow, wow! This is really beautiful and I love your blog. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm having lots of fun with it. Thanks for sharing. I will add yours to my links and visit often. I really love this one! And an open studio is a great idea. I would love to do it with some fellow painters here in VT. I'll keep you posted. Keep painting!

  2. hi there! wandered over from amy stewart's blog - your paintings are lovely! good luck with the blog (i just started one myself - must be the season!)!

  3. Beautiful!! Both the blog and your paintings. I love them. I will also add your link to my blog (and my 15 followers can enjoy it too :) ).

  4. Dear Tonya, Dusty and Meg,
    Thank you for the lovely comments. Tonya, open studios are wonderful, another benefit: you paint with others, something I truly enjoy.
    Dusty, blogging is fun, but for the technically challenged like me, also frustrating.
    Meg, that's about ten more than I have!

  5. Good job Shirley -- with the blog and of course your art! It's stunning! Keep painting!

  6. hello fellow classmate! what a lovely painting! Having an open studio is great would love to have that myself. Wow this is a 20x20 I'm impressed! Glad to connect in the blog world and congratulations on starting yours it looks great. If you get a moment come visit mine I will visit often and look forward to seeing what's ahead ♥

  7. beautiful painting. Reminds me a bit of Mary Cassatt,not sure why.Great color harmony! I just became a reader today. I really like your blog and you are a fine painter. I know I will learn something on your blog and that is the ultimate end in painting.

  8. J'ai admiré avec beaucoup d'émotion cette merveilleuse peinture... J'ai lu bien après les mots qui l'accompagnent car à elle se suffit à elle-même...
    Ne voyez pas là quoi que ce soit d'offensant!
    Gros bisous


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