Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cowbells ring. Are you listening?

Probably many of you have participated in a "dirty Santa" gift exchange. Everyone brings a gift but a white elephant kind of gift. And because one man's trash is another man's treasure, sometimes a white elephant becomes a thing desired.
So it was with the cowbell above. It's real; it's old; and though I've never seen a cow wearing one, it seems very much a part of where I live. Somehow the bobble-head we brought as a present never made the transition to desired!
Cow Belle is an 8x8 oil.

In 2011, may you also find treasures in unexpected places.

Happy New Year...
Bonne Annee et bonne sante...
Gelukkig nieuwjaar...
Kul 'am ua antum bik hair...
Feliz ano Nuevo...
Kali hrona...
Shana Tova...
Yin nian yu kuai...
Felice Anno Nuovo...
Ein gluckliches neues Jahr...
S Novym Godom...

Please excuse the absence of pronunciation marks and any misspellings!


  1. Clever title! and, great values in the bell.

  2. Nice cow bell - I like the way they sound!

  3. Thank you so much Pam. Values are sooo important.

    Helen, I actually like the way they sound, too. Somehow the sound seems so right for a cow accompaniment!

  4. Love this- somehow elegant in its simplicity! Love those values!!! Great title.

  5. Thank you, Kathy, I love it, an elegant cowbell!

  6. Dans ma région auvergnate les vaches ont l'habitude d'avoir des cloches autour du cou. En réalité le propriétaire leur met des cloches car les vaches se trouvent en grande liberté dans la montagne et c'est un peu pour les repairer... et aussi chaque cloche possède un signe différent. Une sorte de signature pour le propriétaire.
    Jolie peinture remplie d'émotion...

  7. Thank you Martine for explaining the use of cowbells in your region in France. And thank you for liking my painting!

  8. Wonderful painting! Love the soft colors and contrasting textures. Drew me right in!

  9. Lovely painting and fun story. Happy New Year!

  10. An old cow bell, definitely treasure. Love this paintings soft edges and depth of colour.


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