Monday, December 13, 2010

The Culinary Arts

Ezra Pound was a poet.. Ezra Pound Cake is a blog written by a chef who majored in English Lit. The recipes posted are nicely different with a meatless category for vegetarians and lots of pastries and cakes to try this holiday season.
Ken Auster is an artist. If you've ever eaten at a Ruby Tuesday, you've probably seen some of his paintings (at least, my Ruby Tuesday is decorated with them). Ken was helped in his restaurant commission by having a culinary school nearby where he had permission to paint the students. In his work, Auster eliminates detail, simplifies shapes, goes for dramatic design, uses impasto and has a definite sense of humor.
Mark, the model for the above painting, is a real chef who's married to a painter friend. (It's good to have connections!) The Culinary Arts is a 24x20 oil done in open studio.


  1. Great strong values. Great info on the post! I always wonder how people get their connections.

  2. J'apprécie particulièrement cette peinture, aimant cuisiner et faire de la cuisine gastronomique. A plus de 40 ans j'avais même décidé de passer un examen de cuisine pour me prouver que j'aurais pu faire ce métier. Durant plus d'une année j'ai aussi demandé à travailler bénévolement au sein d'une brigade d'un restaurant gastronomique très réputé... Le régal de ma vie...
    Vous comprenez à présent que ce tableau me touche beaucoup...

  3. Thanks, Pam and Martine. I also love to know why and how artists paint what they do!
    I think I must learn French!

  4. Great Shirley! I recognize Mark right away. Until you learn French, try this - - it is AWESOME. You will have to feed it lines phrase by phrase, but you'll be able to understand. It is Google Translator. Here is the link

  5. Denise, thank you for both the compliment and the link.

  6. I love the light on the front of his jacket and the hand holding the bowl with the beautiful reflections...lovely

  7. I have often admired those paintings in Ruby Tuesday so thank you for giving me the background on them. They made me want to do some similar "chef paintings". Lucky you to have your own chef to pose for you. It looks like you had fun...nice light.

  8. Great fun. I often manage to overcome my reserve and ask about the art in restaurants and hotels.

  9. Great painting of a chef. I love the warm light falling on his jacket, very dramatic!


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