Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Girl with the Heart Tattoo

The Girl with the Heart Tattoo 20x18 open studio oil by Shirley Fachilla

This painting just seemed right for a Valentine posting because of the heart and also because of the colors, very warm, very pink. I've included a detail to bring attention to that heart tattoo.
For anyone who isn't a mystery fan, the painting title is a play upon Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Larrson was a Swedish novelist who died suddenly in a car crash before knowing of the tremendous recent success of his trilogy revolving around Lizbeth Salander (the girl with the tattoo). I've read all three of those books and so want to know of her further adventures. 
Supposedly, there is a fourth book. It's been reported that Larrson wrote the beginning and end with a detailed outline for the yet-unwritten middle. His heirs are battling for rights to that unfinished manuscript. So maybe someday, we'll get to know what happened next to Lizbeth Salander.
My open studio girl is far from perfect in anatomy, but I like her anyway for her warmth... and her tattoo!


  1. LOVE it! You just captured her beauty perfectly. I bet the model loves you! I love the mystery of her stare too. Just lovely.

  2. I really like the way you handled her face...lovely...also I am going to check out Lizbeth Salander....thanks for the info

  3. It is a wonderful painting! I love it!

  4. Dear Michelle, Christine and Evhe,
    My husband and I have been traveling and have been somewhat out of internet contact these past few days. We were in the beautiful city of Paris!Thank you so much for your nice comments.

  5. the proportions and the face are just very good, i liked a lot this one, it's like she is thinking something. nice job to put the detail of the tattoo as the name of the painting, nice work :)


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