Friday, March 11, 2011

Maybe the Last Lincoln

Maybe the Last Lincoln 5x7 oil by Shirley Fachilla

This is my entry in the Daily Paintworks Challenge. This week's was set up by Raymond Logan, one of my favorite daily painters. For those unfamiliar with the "challenge" concept, it's something blog artists do to promote community and to be honest, promote both themselves and other daily painters.
It works like this: an artist will set up a painting opportunity on the web, either an idea (for example, paint something red) or an image (in this instance a photo of Abraham Lincoln). The painter will then issue an invitation to other artists to create and publish on the web their interpretation of the "challenge."
The DPW Challenge changes every Saturday. That's why my Lincoln maybe the last Lincoln... for this particular challenge.
My painting serves another purpose as well. I'm preparing to do several plein air, Civil-War themed paintings. Lincoln is certainly an excellent introduction to the spirit of that time, and the photo Raymond chose of him a wonderful glimpse into the man.  


  1. Très belle interprétation... beau travail, je vous félicite.

  2. Thank you, Martine. It was interesting to work from a photograph of a face so recognizable, so iconic.

  3. great title...I really like how you kept it soft and loose....mine were so tight...nice painting

  4. Thanks, Christine. Mine got tighter and tighter, too. I finally went back with a mid-tone grey and redid most of my shadow masses. Sure got rid of some less than stellar details.

  5. Great job Shirley!
    Nice brushwork.
    Thanks for taking up my challenge.


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