Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Room with a View

Girl in Eyeglasses is a 20x24 oil by Shirley Fachilla done in open studio.

In my open studio, there’s a wonderful bank of windows. They’re up high; and from them, the view consists of the mechanicals usually hidden on the roof of a large building (vents, heating units and such). These windows let in a silvery north light that we use sometimes instead of artificial floods.
I love those windows. Occasionally, I'll cheat and lower them so I can include them in my paintings as I did here and in Girl in Eyeglasses above.
I think in a painting the view outside the window often isn’t so important. It’s what a window suggests that is… all the possibilities, all the other worlds awaiting us. Oops, now you know, I’m a romantic at heart.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is having a small exhibit about the Romantics of the nineteen century and the windows they included in their canvases. It features painters that aren’t very well known here like Adolph Menzel and includes other more familiar artists like the melancholy romantic, C.D. Friedrich.
Wish I could go to NYC and look out those windows, too.


  1. Simple, serene and elegant, Shirley...beautifully done.

  2. Beautiful light and lovely grays.

  3. Thank you, Don and Karen. This is one of those paintings that sort of paint themselves.

  4. Beautifully flowing painting, Shirley, and great design.

  5. I already knew that you were a romantic!


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