Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Invitation to the Party...

The Card Players a 14x18 oil by Shirley Fachilla

Some paintings invite you in. There’s a path to walk, a glance that makes you a part of a crowd or an open book to read. Others, however, exclude and instead of offering the viewer a way to become a part of the action, offer a glimpse into a closed world. You’re welcome to watch but not participate.
Watching, of course, can be fun. Cezanne’s intense Card Players don’t invite us to take a hand but kibitzing their play is perhaps more enjoyable than sitting down at the table.
The communion between Berthe Morisot’s mother and babe is a vision of the maternal bond, and Vermeer painting his muse a lesson in visual art.

My card players are part of a closed world, too, each trying her best to outfox the others and with no time for us, hangers-on.

Detail from The Card Players


  1. Fine painting and words. Very well observed.

  2. Thank you Nancy and Suzanne. My mother was a passionate bridge player. These ladies so remind me of her.

  3. Card playing was common in my parents home too. This painting made me wonder, do young people play cards these days? Or is it another part of the life we knew that is quickly being replaced?

    Beautifully done work!

  4. I can only judge by my daughter and her friends, Carol. They play lots of games but none that I know about use playing cards!

  5. Thank you, Pam. It's one that I fretted over!

  6. Hi Shirley,
    Lovely work! Glad to see your followers are back - mine are too, for now...
    :) Jane

  7. Guess I better quickly go to your blog, Jane, while I can become a follower!

  8. Really nice painting Shirley! You are able to capture so much with an economy of detail. As to card playing...I think poker is big with young men as a result of the tournaments on TV. No young ladies taking up bridge or canasta that I know of.


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