Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gazing at the Goddess

Gazing at the Goddess is a 14x11 oil done by Shirley Fachilla.

This is an unabashed plug for Nashville, Tennessee’s fabulous Parthenon. Located in Centennial Park, our Parthenon is a full size replica of the original, 2,438 year old architectural masterpiece in Athens, Greece… before that original was blown up in 1687.
A couple of weeks ago I watched Secrets of the Parthenon on PBS. It had a brief glimpse of Nashville’s lovely rendition and a lot of first-rate information about how the Athenians put the original Parthenon together. They used visual tricks and refinements that aren’t used today in even the most elegant of buildings. In the fifth century BC, the Greeks managed to build the Parthenon in less than ten years from start to finish. Restoring the Parthenon has already taken about three times that long and is very far from complete. But once done, it will be wonderful thing to see.
Until then and before going to Athens, you might want to visit Nashville’s version or at least watch Secrets of the Parthenon when it appears next on PBS!

My little painting was done several years ago and is of a teenager gazing at the 42 foot tall, gilded statute of the goddess Athena done by local sculptor Alan LeQuire in Nashville’s Parthenon. And yes, the original Parthenon also once had its own 42 foot gold and ivory Athena done by its local sculptor Phidias.


  1. I love the red in the background. Your use of light is beautiful too. It looks as though the floors are shining.

    Have you ever thought about enabling your email so that when you post a comment on other peoples blog they can reply via email.....I can tell you how to if you are interested :)

  2. J'aime l'attitude de votre spectatrice complètement absorbée dans sa contemplation... J'aime aussi la douce lumière qui inonde la pièce avec le beau travail des ombres.
    Belle peinture, gros bisous.

  3. Thank you, Michelle. The light inside our Parthenon can be quite beautiful. I'm glad I was able to approximate it. And yes, I would be interested in the email reply... when you have time.
    Thank you so, Martine. The Athena is so impressive that she stops people in their tracks!

  4. I had never heard of this Parthenon in your part of the world. Very cool...and a great painting too!


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