Friday, June 3, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are

Backyard Neighbor is a 7x5 oil by Shirley Fachilla.
Our very small backyard adjoins a small patch of woods. Though it’s small, there are wild things who live there or at least, pass through. Possums, raccoons, pileated woodpeckers, owls, hawks, bluebirds, foxes and once a coyote have strolled or flown out of the woods and into our back yard. We consider them our backyard neighbors. This one lingered long enough for a photo op.

I painted my deer as a part of the DPW weekly challenge. (For a definition of challenge, click here.) This week, the challenge was to paint what’s outside your window. We have lots of windows and I often paint what I see through them. It was fun to do it yet again.


  1. I love how you captured the deer in this painting. It looks so serene. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Michelle. I can't wait to see your finished foyer!

  3. Love the colors you used..beautiful and soft.


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