Monday, July 25, 2011

Of Time and the River and the Color Green...

Of Time and the River is a 6x8 plein air by Shirley Fachilla.

As I see it, painting green is really about a painter’s grasp of values (value definition here). Now before my readers who aren’t painters stop reading because this sounds technical and directed only toward artists, being able to paint green well is very much about the vision a painter wants to convey.
Knowing how to paint a spring green, a serene green, a hot summer green convincingly is essential for those of us who use landscape as the vehicle for… well, what we want to say in a painting.
With my little canvas, I was trying for a serene vale of green so I used a lot of cool blue/greens while the river flows deep and warm.
On the technical side, I find two different tube blues rather essential in creating greens; I just can’t make the range of greens I want with less. Lots of painters can, however, including many of my painter friends who live and work and paint right here in Middle Tennessee. If you follow the links above, you'll see paintings by two of them, Dawn Whitelaw and Kevin Menck.


  1. Very nice, I like the warm and cool greens in your painting as well as the lights and darks.

  2. J'aime non seulement vos verts qui n'en sont pas, mais également la manière désinvolte et avec souplesse que votre branche plie... Elle semble vouloir atteindre l'eau de la rivière. On pourrait entendre le son de l'eau ou le silence de la nature... J'aime beaucoup l'atmosphère de cette toile où la lumière vient juste percer là où il le faut... Très joli travail dans les troncs d'arbres...
    gros bisous.

  3. Thank you, Douglas. I must admit it was so hot and buggy it was hard to get lost in my painting that day.
    Thank you, Martine. You describe just what I was trying for!

  4. I love the contrast between the water and the land...very warm and very serene...the water looks too warm to swim in which is probably the truth

  5. We go to the mountains of western North Carolina in the summer months and while I am there, I am over whelmed with green. It's everywhere, and climbs to the sky with no relief. I look down the road and wonder how anyone could attempt to paint such a green scene, but we do. Somehow.


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