Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene's Road Trip

Once upon a time (that would be last week!), five painting friends and one non-painting husband went to Maine. We packed our art boxes, then our suitcases and boarded the plane for Maine. We had a week of glorious weather, luscious seafood, and a million and one beautiful scenes to paint (we couldn’t and didn’t begin to paint them all).

We were out of touch and happy as clams (so to speak) but then… along came Irene. Our plane back was cancelled (though the airline neglected to tell us so). Our summer place was both oceanside (good) and in the path of Irene (bad). Not wanting to brave the hurricane, we pulled out maps and planned our escape.
Our car left in the dark of night headed north away both from our final destination, Tennessee, (bad) and from Irene (good). Three days later and one rental car more (a meeting with a porcupine and a flat tire made the change imperative), significantly poorer (bad) but still friends (good), we arrived back home.
Pat Mayo, Jean McGuire, Gale Haddock and I would like to thank our dear friend Jean Gauld-Jaeger and her wonderful husband, Chuck, for a grand and glorious stay. Just next time, let’s not tell Irene where we’re headed!


  1. Oh my Shirley, what a (good/bad) trip! Glad all are safely back home, including Irene!!

  2. Oh you're a chuckle... Glad you made it back safe. Where were you in our lovely state?

  3. Hi Shirley. Thanks for the comment on my blog. We were quite lucky with Irene, but it was some kind of storm. We had lots of trees down but no building damage, so all was well. Where were you in VT? You would have been welcome at our house, and if you're ever in the area please let us know. We have guest houses, lots of room, and love visitors. Especially painters!!!

    I can't wait to see paintings from all the New England photos that I'm sure you took. Happy Fall! I always love checking in to your blog. Keep it up! Best, Tonya


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