Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In the Margins of My Mind...

In the Margins of My Mind is a 20x20 open studio oil by Shirley Fachilla.
When I was in school, my notebooks were notable not for the clarity or completeness of my note-taking but for the doodles that decorated their margins.
There were stylized daisies, disembodied eyes, badly drawn cats and dogs, and lots and lots of faces. I drew both male and female faces, almost always young, and always with a romantic look about them that was my attempt at creating beauty.
A few weeks ago in open studio, we had a model with flowing hair dressed quite romantically in white lace; and as I painted, it occurred to me that she might have stepped from the margins of one of my old notebooks… or rather the idea of her might have stepped out (my doodles were never very good). She might have emerged from the margins to remind me of my time-wasting in high school and how it felt to be so very young.


  1. beautiful words to accompany an incredible painting!

  2. Gorgeous feel to this painting Shirley. I love the light on her face. Congratulations on a really nice portrait!

  3. Yes, romance comes to mind. I must have been the only artist who didn't doodle. It was all about the beautiful pristine pages for me, plus I had no idea I would grow up to be an artist! Go figure!

    Thanks for stopping by and lovely painting.

  4. Softness is what I hear all throughout this very lovely painting.


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