Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing in the Paint

Cold Forest is a 20x20 open studio oil by Shirley Fachilla.

When my daughter was small, I was a preschool teacher for two-year olds. Just about every week, the two-year olds and I would have a gloriously messy painting day. Lately, I’ve had some two-year-old envy. I wanted more playing in the paint and less worry about the outcome.
Surprisingly, C.W. Mundy’s workshop gave me a path to playtime. C.W. makes great use of paint manipulation. His marbleizing, requires a sure hand and knowledge of what you’re about; his tissue disruption mainly requires bravery. [I’ve defined C. W.’s marbleizing and tissue paint disruption on the Artful Definition Page.]
Both work because they’re play-based techniques that let the characteristics of the paint itself produce happy painterly “accidents.”
C.W. advised inventing one’s own paint manipulations. I did a bit of that above. The forest background consists of all the colors used in the painting swirled together, thinned with solvent, and applied to canvas. Then with my trusty paper towel, I swiped in tree trunks and branches. It was a good dose of two-year old fun.


  1. Je suis heureuse de pouvoir admirer le travail qui vous a apporté tant de joie et d'émotion... d'avoir pu laisser aller vos mouvements sans retenu aucune, juste pour voir... Retirer le filet et tout s'autoriser... Une sorte de liberté...
    J'aime le regard profond de votre personnage...

    Gros bisous

  2. A lovely painting and you had fun-- a great combination. Thank you for your description of marbleizing.


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