Monday, November 28, 2011

Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Deep Fog

Killing Time is a 6x6 oil on panel by Shirley Fachilla.

We make fun of weathermen and their predictions but I, for one, have a much worst batting average of foreseeing the future… at least the future of individual paintings. I’m almost never right about which painting will sell, which painting will be the most popular or which painting will be juried into a show. (See Artful Definitions if you’re unclear about the definition of juried show.)

A case in point is the above 6x6 panel. I thought if any of my 6x6’s had a chance of getting into the California Higbee 6 Squared Show it would be this one. I was wrong. Two others made it but not my nonchalant smoker. Heck, maybe it was her attitude.


  1. I love her attitude....and this painting!

  2. It makes the show in my book. I love everything about this painting...the highlight in her hair, the pattern of the rug underneath, the smoke from her cigarette, the suggestion on the page of her magazine... Nicely done.

  3. I love this painting! Great perspective. I love her casual hand gestures, both of which are so well painted. And I love the use of white. Awesome.
    Happy Painting,

  4. beautiful!! it's just wonderful! LOVE it!

  5. Une pause détente et un point de vue très intéressant. De belles nuances de blancs... GROS BISOUS

  6. Love your paintings Shirley!! I am like you about not knowing which ones people will like. I usually pick differently. I love the other two that are in the show, but this one is my favorite.

  7. you never know what people are thinking when they choose or don't choose a painting!!??

  8. And a side of flagging spirits under pressure?


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