Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Week with "Marilyn"**

Platinum Blonde is a 6x6 oil by Shirley Fachilla.

Okay, it wasn’t a week with Marilyn. It wasn’t a week with Michelle Williams either.
And it really wasn’t a week, more like five days, widely separated.
But the open studio model reminded me of Marilyn, same sort of hairstyle and color, that pale, pale platinum blonde.
She wore a dress about the color of her hair and struck a pose that created a foreshortened head and face. (Quite hard to paint. See Artful Definitions.) But I loved the lighting, all that paleness in high contrast. So later after the open studio session, I painted her again. Unlike most of my paintings which are a la prima (again visit Artful Definitions), I kept coming back to this little one and redoing it. This is where the week comes in.
I never quite got it the way I wanted. But I did get closer. Sometimes, it’s good to revisit. This is my lesson from my week with Marilyn.

**For non-movie goers, My Week with Marilyn is a new release about Marilyn Monroe starring Michelle Williams.


  1. J'aime beaucoup la pause de votre personnage... une pause si lascive... Une atmosphère qui ralentit la vie... n'est-ce pas ainsi qu'on voudrait parfois qu'elle soit?!...
    Une belle capture de la lumière... Une très jolie peinture.

    Je vous renouvelle mes voeux pour 2012, afin que tout soit possible y compris le bonheur.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  2. Love the light in this. You are so right about it being a difficult pose, but you pulled it off and it is so "Marilyn"! Congrats!

  3. I loved the movie! And, the light and looseness here is wonderful!

  4. This is fabulous Shirley, just fabulous!

  5. I love this! When your blog opened and this painting appeared I felt suddenly enchanted . . . she shimmers! I love the way you handled the light and got so much without detail. Painting something again and again is great training for seeing and you don't want to get bored so you find ways to do things differently . . . you develop a keener eye and an inventiveness.

  6. such a great painting even considering the diffused look.

  7. Very nice! I like the limited palette, the pose, the light.

  8. I commented on your other site then came over here to see. Noticed what a great job you did overlaying the arm with arm of chair. Very nice contrasts. Love it.


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