Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Gilded is a 24x20 open studio oil by Shirley Fachilla.
Does she look a bit familiar?  I posted a painting of the same model in the same pose here. Actually, I think they  look very different though the primary distinction between this painting and the prior post is size. The first one was tiny, 6x6 inches. This one is a size I use all the time in open studio, a 24x20 inch. 
There are several other differences between the two, in palette (see Artful Definitions) and composition, but mainly for me, in the overall feeling of the paintings. I find the 6x6 to be soft and dreamy and focused upon establishing a mood while the big one is bolder and much more of a rather abstract design statement.
As you probably realize, it’s usual to paint the big painting from the little “study” not the other way around.  But I reversed the process with this duo. I wanted to explore the colors and values a bit more which led me to do it again but small... and quite differently!
I think I’ll have both big and little Blondie in the Art in Artesia show here in Nashville on March 29th. To tell the sponsors you may be coming (and I'd love to see you there), click here.

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  1. I tuoi personaggi dipinti mostrano personalità, sentimenti e pensieri e li trovo molto interessanti...
    Di questa donna rilassata e dormiente non parla il viso ma il corpo e trasmette l'immagine un po' fatale di statuaria conquistatrice.
    Come sempre, le immagini che parlano sono le più belle.
    Ciao, Floriana


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