Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Eye of the Beholder

Desiring a State of Grace is a 24x12 oil done from life by Shirley Fachilla.

Andrew Wyeth was once asked what about his art would have displeased his painter father. Andrew answered that N.C. often criticized his greyed down colors and his lack of narrative. Of course, Andrew’s father, N.C., was a famous illustrator and for him, a narrative in his paintings was essential. 

Paradoxically, Andrew was often been berated by the art establishment for the anecdotal nature of his work. It would be hard to argue that his most famous painting Christina’s World is not telling a story. But does Brown Swiss really have a narrative? Perhaps the narrative element in a painting is often in the eye of the beholder. Afterall, Andrew thought of himself as an abstractionist, not a teller of tales.  

Desiring a State of Grace seems to me to have an implicit story. But my husband says the subject of the painting needs to have a book, letter, box, or a something to give it… well, a narrative.  


  1. Waiting is narrative. Being on the side lines is narrative. I really like this painting. Think of Hopper and how his portrait studies are shown in very plain and stark rooms.

  2. i see a narrative in her deep thought. this is just beautiful. it says everything is needs to. beautifully done.

  3. I love the pensive look of the sitter

  4. Cette jeune femme évoque déjà une histoire en moi en l'admirant puisque je m'interroge sur son état d'âme et qui est celui de penser... A quoi ou à qui peut-elle songer ?... Mille et une réponses... Des pensées tristes, graves ou une attitude de simple lassitude ?... A quelqu'un de particulier ou ... Tant de choses...
    Cette peinture pourrait être un sujet de philosophie à elle toute seule.
    Les nuances de couleurs et la lumière qui y règne apportent également une atmosphère particulière qui donne un sens à cette peinture.
    Très joli travail.

    Gros bisous


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