Thursday, June 21, 2012

In Plain Sight...

Come Sit with Me is a 6x8 plein air oil by Shirley Fachilla.
Nashville plein air painters are extremely fortunate to have an exhibit of Constable oil sketches on view at the Frist. On loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, we are one of the exhibit’s only two venues in the States.
I love Constable, especially his sketches, which have a freshness and spontaneity that is so appealing to 21st century eyes.  Of course, in his day, that fresh fluidity was denigrated and called unfinished by the critics.
Our show features a couple of full size oil sketches, a very wonderful one done in preparation for the artist’s iconic Hay Wain. But most of the works are small, plein air pieces done before the Impressionists, at a time when almost no one painted outside from life.
These days, plein air artists travel far and wide for subjects but not Constable. He painted from a very small slice of English landscapes. He knew that the very best places to paint are in plain sight and right in our own backyards. 


  1. I like how you painted this with very loose brushwork.

  2. Such a lovely invitation. The painting is so inviting.

  3. I love your painting and am so excited about seeing the exhibit. Long before I had ever really heard of plein air painting, I did a research paper on him in high school and really got interested in him. So looking forward to the exhibit!

  4. Wonderful tree painting, Shirley! Thanks for dropping by my blog so I could come here and see your work.. lovely!

  5. lovely painting. rich and inviting. it would be wonderful to sit there. and i'm not familiar with constable but am looking forward to viewing his work, thanks for the link.

    and thank you too for your very kind comments, i appreciate them so much.

    happy creating!


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