Sunday, June 3, 2012

Three Days in the Park

 A Day in the Park is a 12x9 plein air oil by Shirley Fachilla done on the first day of a three day plein air workshop.

Last week, I spent three days in Nashville’s Percy Warner Park in a painting workshop taught by Stapleton Kearns. We were encouraged to paint big and to think out of the plein air box. 
Stape paints big; he paints long; he even sometimes (usually a major no-no in plein air) chases the light. [See Artful Definitions.]
Stapleton Kearns is an unusual plein air artist. His pieces are highly finished with most of his work done out-of-doors and done big by plein air standards. His usual size is 18x24 inches. Plein air pieces can often be as small as 5x7.
Kearns did other out-of-the-box things like painting a crashing wave seascape from imagination, memory and the knowledge gained from a great deal of prior seascape painting.
It was an interesting, instructive three day adventure. If you’d like a sample of Stapleton Kearns and his way of plein air thinking, just visit his blog.

P.S. A Day in the Park is very much my style of painting and nothing like a Stapleton Kearns! 


  1. Cool painting. Was the workshop fun?

  2. This is such a charming painting....well done with lots of personality!

  3. I love paintings with vehicles. They make such great shapes.
    Happy Plein-Air Painting.

  4. C'est étrange, mais cette peinture dégage une atmosphère remplie de secrets...
    Cette voiture venue se mettre au vert!... comme lasse de la ville et du tumulte des routes...
    J'aime particulièrement.
    Gros bisous à vous.
    Un grand merci pour votre gentil commentaire.

  5. Hi Shirley.
    Beautiful painting, I love it all. Brilliant colours also.
    All the best Shirley.

  6. Cool painting Shirley. It vibrates with light! Someday I'd like to do a workshop with SK. Sounds like it was informative. Happy painting!


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