Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Where No Golf Ball Should Go"

Where No Golf Ball Should Go is a 14x11 plein air by Shirley Fachilla.
This is part of Hole 6 on the Canyon Course of SuperiorNational in Lutsen, Minnesota. Looks like untamed wilderness, right? Well, this part of the course as it follows Poplar Creek is wild, intimidating and yes, untamed. It’s made up of rushing water, tall firs and jumbled boulders.
I’m no golfer but I can attest that the balls that land in this stretch of Poplar aren’t playable. And because the t-box is on one side; the green on the other and the stream is down, down, down in between; plenty of balls plonk in the stream. I watched quite a few make the splash as I painted. A couple even ricocheted in.
My husband, the golfer, was playing the Canyon, and Superior National kindly allowed me to paint as he played. (His ball did not land in the water.)  So we both had a great time.   


  1. what a fun memory and your painting of a very intimidating scene is very successful

  2. Je suis très heureuse de pouvoir à nouveau admirer votre travail. Je rentre à peine après plusieurs semaines d'absence.
    Cette dernière oeuvre est magnifique. J'aime beaucoup les nuances de couleurs... Vous avez dû passer un excellent moment.
    merci pour votre délicat commentaire.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  3. Lovely, Shirley!! I would never make it over the stream. I am lucky if my golf balls go 10 feet in front of me, it is a very hard sport. :)

  4. I love the vibration of the rich earth next to your fabulous greens, Shirley. You sure know how to grab the light and put it down!

  5. Shirley,
    Great exciting painting of a magnificent place.
    I agree with you about the golf balls!

  6. Gorgeous painting and I love the title! Very painterly and fresh.


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