Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just after Dark

Radnor After Dark is an 11x14 oil done in plein air by Shirley Fachilla.
I’ve found two contemporary painters who create nocturnes of great beauty, mystery and power. California painter, John Cosby and Maryland’s Hiu Lai Chong chose as their subjects, the landscapes of today’s America, and sometimes the landscapes are shown after dark. I read about both in the latest Plein Air issue and was very impressed by their work, especially the night landscapes.
I can’t say I was inspired to do my own night-time painting by either one of them. The Chestnut Group has been painting the moon over Radnor Lake for at least a couple of years. And I finally joined the group in the moonlight. But I can say I loved doing it…loved the speed I had to paint, loved being surrounded by the night. Didn’t love the mosquitoes but then I didn’t notice them while I was painting. Only heard their hum after I was done! 


  1. Just utterly exquisite, Shirley. I can almost hear the silence! You have a wonderful sense of color and brushwork. This painting is a true beauty!

  2. Shirley!
    Joy and majesty come to mind.
    Bravo on this one!
    Love the sky soooooo much.
    Thanks for posting for all to enjoy.
    Your art buddy,

  3. I really love the colors in the sky. I have seen the moon like this - especially at this time of year. Is it called the Harvest Moon?

  4. Gorgeous sky! I like the way you painted the passing clouds.

  5. I love it :) enjoying to see it.. bravo!

  6. Nocturnes are an interesting challenge and how beautifully you met it in this lovely piece.


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