Thursday, November 1, 2012


Archangel is a 24x36 oil by Shirley Fachilla.
A couple of posts ago, I put up an invitation to a juried show I am delighted to be in. Above, you see my painting from the show.
It was done primarily from my imagination which is quite different from my usual. (I normally work from life or from several photo references.) Though I’ve literally painted hundreds of faces, with his, it was very hard to achieve even the vaguest facsimile of what I wanted.
I wanted to paint, an intimidating, otherworldly creature who was, at the same time, very corporeal. I thought I knew just what I wanted; I thought I saw, in my head, my entire painting.
I had an instructor who once said that artists often think they imagine their complete paintings and that they think what they see in their mind’s eye only needs to be put down on canvas. He went on to say that they really are picturing only parts and shadows of paintings in their heads, not the whole at all.
And so it was with me. I know I saw shadows only… archangels are elusive. 


  1. Amazing painting... just amazing.
    Everything else is beside the point.

  2. Hi Shirley,

    Beautiful painting. You are right that big paintings are different than small ones. In my case it makes me feel like I can stretch. I don't think teachers should say negative things. I think you see the painting whole, and then working on it with real materials everything changes, because painting is an in the moment activity, no matter how much you plan.

    Great work, and glorious mood.

    Take care,


  3. I just wish I had the same kind of imagination :-) Beautiful indeed !

  4. Great painting Shirley!
    You imagination is quite awesome. You did a great job!
    Albert Einstein's great quote says it all for me, "Imagination is more important than knowledge!"
    Bravo Shirley!
    (Of course being named Michael I am very partial towards arch angels and you did them all great tribute and justice with this work.)
    Keep painting from both your imagination and other references as well!
    All very good stuff.


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