Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Snow White's Apples"

Snow White’s Apples is an oil painted from life by Shirley Fachilla

I paint pieces that I like; I paint work that can only be classed as a “study;” and I paint things that I dislike. When I’m feeling confident, I wipe off the disliked and also sometimes the “studies.”
There’s no need to keep the failures if I’ve figured out why they failed. There’s usually no need to keep the studies for I’ve learned by simply painting them. (The studies kept are those I might use to create another more fully realized painting.)
But then there are those paintings that fall in none of those categories. They are the paintings that I really like, but that I painted on a poor to bad surface. Snow White’s Apples is a case in point.
I like many things about Snow White. I used a different palette that I plan to use again. I incorporated a still life that turned out well and is fully a part of the painting. I like the brushstrokes; they enhance rather than distract. And the composition is just different enough to satisfy me.
But I painted her on a scrap of linen that had been wiped and scraped… only not enough to create a smooth surface. There’s a horizontal line that runs across the canvas bisecting her poor head and skimming the top handle of the basket. This is old paint from the prior wiped painting. Nothing will fix it; alas, it is a part of Snow White forever.
Carolyn Anderson in her workshop said to use good materials. It’s a lesson I thought I learned… but sometimes I guess I need a reminder like my little Snow White


  1. Beautiful color harmonies Shirley.

  2. She definitely transcends the crease, Shirley. I think she's lovely. Doesn't matter if she's frame-ready or not, you've expressed her well.

  3. it is a good lesson reminder for me too...and she really is lovely...I like that she is turned pulls me in more wondering what her face looks like.

  4. i can see the line but it doesn't bother me one bit shirley, this is just beautiful. bruce said it...wonderful color harmony. this painting sings! i've been using that a lot, but only when i believe it and this is one of your best. no worries about the line, the painting is all i can really see.

    and thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. much appreciated.

  5. I can see why you like this - and why it was successful. Next time, plan to paint a winner and use good stuff (much more important to oil and acrylic artists, I think, who can take off paint and start over than watercolorists like me = if it doesn't work, the paper can't be reused except as scraps of things for collage). I like this and the story, too.

  6. Beautiful painting Shirley!
    I am glad you saved this study!
    The colors the atmosphere and so much more make this a wonderful work of art.
    I especially love the pose and the lights on her hair and face.
    I enjoy your blog for the great art and wonderful wisdom!
    Your art buddy,

  7. I love these portraits you've been doing. They all are so sensitive and done with such affection. You're not alone in painting over older painting and THEN seeing the ridges. I love the pose of this one and the title is perfect.

  8. I like this piece a lot. The anonymous nature of the sitter with her head turned gives a mysterious air to the painting, and the violet range of colors is so lovely.


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