Thursday, March 28, 2013

Into the Interior

Blue Silk Kimono is a 12x24 oil done from life by Shirley Fachilla.

Sometimes they’re lumped with genre, but most often they’re overlooked. I’m speaking of paintings which have as their subject, interior spaces; they’ve received rather short shrift since the Dutch of the 17th century loved and bought them for their homes.
However, I think they’re making something of a resurgence. Just look at some of the interiors painted by Paul Oxborough, Pauline Roche or Karen Bruson.
For artists, painting inside from life can be as fun as plein air, but it’s definitely harder to get permission. Oils and turps can be a messy business afterall.  
My interior was painted from life at a new open studio opportunity here in Nashville so the mess potential didn’t matter. I hope I have the chance to do many more.  


  1. LOVE this painting, Shirley! Fantastic light on the couch from the window!!! Wonderful work.

  2. Your 12 X 24 format certainly is certainly perfect for this scene. Very soft and restful with lovely colors offset by the neutrals.

  3. Very nice painting, Shirley. I, too love doing interiors. About the smell. I suggest you look into M. Graham paints and Walnut Oil as both medium and solvent. I'm hooked and use nothing else. I paint in my home, and, when traveling,in my van, in libraries, anywhere. Might even try one on a plane, soon, or a bus in Mexico.

  4. Love the subject and the painting , the colors are really gorgeous , so soft, and the atmosphere is exquisite !

  5. Shirley!
    This wonderful painting defines beauty!
    Enough said. Now I will simply gaze at your fabulous work of art and enjoy!

  6. Congratulations on your the image you used...

  7. Thanks for the invite to your show. I'd be there if I lived nearer. Thanks, also, for the nice comment about my interiors.


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