Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Little Wall

The Tennessee Art League (TAL) has a new home and a new opportunity for artists. Now located at 219 5th Avenue North (the Avenue of the Arts) here in Nashville, it’s offering wall leases for art!
I leased a wall. My wall is 4x8 feet; it’s moveable. It, and its sister walls, are situated in the middle of TAL’s rather expansive gallery space.
The wall is mine to fill with whatever paintings I want. So I did!
Of course, I forgot my camera but my husband’s phone did an adequate job of capturing an image.
Drop by TAL sometime when you’re downtown or on the First Saturday Art Crawl.

Heck, come on down and rent a wall! 


  1. A great idea, Shirley, and I love your selection of paintings. Your subject matter is delightfully varied with perfect color selection!

  2. Excellent wall, Shirley...wish I was able to go to visit it in person!!

  3. Your work looks wonderful on this wall! Someone should buy them all for a living room arrangement.

  4. You arranged them all so beautifully! Wow! I like the idea of a movable wall, too! Congratulations on your new gallery! I know people will love seeing your work!

  5. Excellent choices for your display. They all work so well together and really show case your talent.

  6. Your wall is just beautiful. I know your work will be very well received! Good luck!


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