Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Making an "Audio" Tour

The Resilience of Age is a 24x12 oil done from life by Shirley Fachilla.
I've just created a first for me, an audio for museum goers to hear as they look at my painting, The Resilience of Age. I wanted to post the audio so you could listen to it (even with its imperfections).  However, audio files are very, very large, and the technical aspects of such a posting are very, very beyond me.
So I'm going to post the gist of what you would hear if you were touring the Laumeister Fine Art Competition at The Bennington Center for the Arts in Vermont.
P.S.: I've posted this painting before; but I think it deserves another because it made it into the Laumeister.

When you read this, imagine Morgan Freeman's voice!

"Most of us don't think of age as resilient but rather as a time of brittle bones, weakening muscles and a host of unavoidable physical limitations.
But in painting this man, a good friend by the way, I came to the realization that age can be a time of conscious resilience. It can be a time when in the face of acknowledged adversity, we pick up that walking stick, put on a jaunty tam and continue on the journey with a resolute and, might I say, resilient stride." 


  1. Good luck at the Laumeister!
    I love Morgan Freeman's voice, but I bet you don't sound much like him.

  2. I LOVE this painting and remember it from when you posted it the first time..Congratulations, Shirley!! This painting deserved to be at the Laumeister! I only regret not being there to see the exhibition. Yes!!! I read this with Morgon Freeman's voice LOL..excellent!!

  3. So very well written, Shirley, and a brilliant addition to the hanging of your painting. I love the positioning of the crop as if he's in transition. Very moving.


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