Monday, September 9, 2013

So Happy Together!

As I’ve posted before (here), I have a little wall of paintings at the Tennessee Art League in downtown Nashville. I usually try to change out the work on a monthly basis.
Each month, there’s a struggle with how much to include and how little. I’m a rather firm believer that less is more, but the urge to use every inch of possible space is still present.
But less truly is more. Too much and it becomes so hard to see the individual trees (read paintings) for the forest.
So I restrain myself and try for something of a monthly theme. The theme is subtle. At least I hope it is. As the judges chide on Project Runway, “don’t be too literal in any interpretation of a theme.”
This “theme” started with girls in cowboy hats but then morphed into objects lit by a strong directional light. Yes, I know “girls in cowboy hats” sounds more fun; and believe it or not, I had more cowboy hat pieces; but it’s the theme of strong directional light in each of these paintings that keeps them… so happy together (not the cowboy hats)!


  1. Love your less is more approach, Shirley! These make a great grouping.

    I took the time to look over some of your postings and have to say that I am blown away by the high quality of your pieces!! Although I know you were never lost, I'm really glad I found you! Lol!

  2. They look fabulous together. Best of luck.

  3. Enjoying your work. I really like the top girl in the boots reclining.

  4. Beautiful selection, Shirley!!!

  5. No matter the theme, your work looks exceptionally wonderful grouped like this, Shirley. Hope you have many sales!

  6. Enjoyed visiting you site and works. Nice tonal palettte.

  7. Great grouping of great art Shirley!
    I love the light in all of them and so much more!
    Good luck!


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