Monday, September 23, 2013

The Imaginary Landscape

The One that Got Away is a 18x14 oil done from life and imagination.

This is one from my Monday open studio but with a bit of a difference. The river (or maybe it’s a lake?) behind her is an imagined one.
The imaginary landscape has a long history. Just think of Mona Lisa and the fantastical rocks and water Leonardo gave her.

Even Claude Lorrain, who was perhaps the first landscapist, painted from his imagination. It’s said that he did oil sketches from life on which he based his finished work. But no one could look at Lorrain’s idealized serenity and not know that his painted world was more truly a product of his heart and his imagination. 


  1. Bonjour,

    Une très jolie oeuvre...
    J'aime la lumière qui l'inonde et la fuite dans le paysage... qui lui apporte une jolie profondeur.
    Votre personnage semble si serein...
    Bravo, votre travail est très talentueux.

    gros bisous

  2. This is beautiful, Shirley!!! You always seem to capture the light..I really love this!! Her plaid shirt is perfect!!!!

  3. She looks like the epitome of relaxation...I love how your figures all look somewhere else...what are they looking at?

  4. This painting really appeals to me, Shirley! It's soft and fresh, but it has a life about it perhaps enhanced by the beautiful colors and light. This woman is smiling similarly to the lady in Da Vinci's painting. I always enjoyed the Mona Lisa, especially so when someone pointed out that the two halves of the background landscape do not match one another.

  5. so lovely!! this just relaxes me, it's really so beautifully done!! Sigh!

  6. The wonderful light you created shimmers throughout this beautiful piece!
    Imagination combined with a bit of realism! Bravo Shirley!


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