Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Very Nice Surprise

The Tenderness of Youth is a 14x14 oil done from life by Shirley Fachilla.

I was delighted to learn this Thanksgiving that I was chosen as the Featured Artist by Carrie Turner and Brian Sherwin in their FASO series on FineArtViews. Here’s the link to the article they did about me! Brian has such a beautiful way with words and they chose one of my favorite paintings, The Tenderness of Youth, as one of the images. (That’s it at the top of this post and here's a link to the blog post I did about that particular painting.)
I feel very honored indeed. Thank you so much Brian and Carrie for a wonderful early Christmas present!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Modern Day Tronies

Buried on Page Five is a 24x18 oil done from life. I think of it as a modern day tronie.

First you’re probably wondering just what a “tronie” might be. A “tronie” is a genre painting done in a portrait format. It’s a term used to describe some 17th century paintings. Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring is a tronie. Vermeer’s painting was not intended to be primarily a likeness of a particular person but rather a depiction of a type. We don’t know who the girl with the pearl was and neither did Vermeer’s contemporaries.
Many of Rembrandt’s self portraits are really tronies; Rembrandt dressed up, sometimes sumptuously, sometimes in exotic garb and painted himself, not as a portrait but as a “type.”  Famous master artist was one of his poses (that he wished to be the truth rather than a pose); swashbuckler military man was another.
Rembrandt, Vermeer and their artist contemporaries had the opportunity to paint secular subjects for sophisticated collectors. These collectors wanted beautiful paintings and the human face and form was considered one of the most desirable of subjects…thus the tronie.
Today, no collectors ask for tronies.  Artists still paint them but we call them “head studies” or “figurative works” or we don’t categorize them at all.
To see some beautiful tronies that are simply called paintings visit Carolyn Anderson’s website.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This Time a Narrative

Paintings counterclockwise from the top:
The Amish Way, Killing Time, Where the Grass is Greener, Farm Girl, Farm Tan.

This is my little wall for the month of November. (To see a better explanation of “walls,” please visit the post, My Little Wall.) November’s wall has a narrative connection. Here’s the story line:
Should the guy with the Farm Tan quit longing for Where the Grass is Greener? Should he stop thinking of the lady who’s just Killing Time and consider following the Amish Way? The Farm Girl is waiting for him to make up his mind. 

There’s an alternate ending with a painting I decided not to use. Instead of perhaps getting The Farm Girl, the guy with the Farm Tan would have been Hung out to Dry. But I thought most of us would prefer a happy ending. 
P.S. The italicized  words are, of course, the painting titles which were given independently and at different times. Who knew they would one day make a story! 

Is it too early to send an invitation?

Pieces by (clockwise from left to right) : Susan Harlan, Janet Garner, Shirley Fachilla, Mike Martino and Topper Williams. So many ...