Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Pleasures of Online Exhibits

His Sundae on Sunday is a 24x18 oil done by Shirley Fachilla.
The primary pleasure of a strictly online exhibit is self-evident. If your submission is accepted, you don’t have to frame it or ship it. It’s like shopping online, so much easier than the alternative!
You also don’t get to go to the reception… because there isn’t one. Some artists might consider this a plus; some a negative. I come out on both sides of this issue. Sometimes I love receptions; sometimes I don’t. If it’s far, far away, I almost never attend even if I would like to. (It costs more to get me there than the painting.)
This sweet guy eating ice cream was accepted into the latest NOAPS online exhibit. His title was originally Sunday’s Sundae but the apostrophe was an unacceptable element for the submission service provider so it had to go. (Sigh)
I used several photo references for this work. (My photography skills demand a lot of tries.)

As I painted and after I stopped referring to the photos, my little boy began to look more like Jack, my grandson, than the little fellow I photographed. This has happened to me more than once. I bet it happens to other artists out there, too.  


  1. Beautifully painted, Shirley. Congratulations on this painting being accepted on NOAPS exhibit~ you should be very proud of this piece!!!!

  2. Shirley, I can certainly see why it was accepted into the exhibit. You've captured the distinctive body language of young children which I dearly love, and you've shown his youth by not having his feet touch the floor. I like, too, hat his feet hang out of the painting. What a gem this is. I love everything about it!

  3. Shirley!
    Congratulations to you and hats off to NOAPS exhibit for knowing fine art when they see it!
    This is another great piece! So very nice! Well painted! Well done!

  4. Congratulations, Shirley! Fabulous color combinations.

  5. That's a sweet story about your grandson, and I think well it should remind you of him. Very sweet painting!

  6. That is so funny you say that! My figurative work transforms, too. Tender and sweet painting of your grandson (let's just say)


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