Monday, January 6, 2014

Monet's Train Station

Monet’s Train Station is a 24x18 oil by Shirley Fachilla
My husband and I went to Paris a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful trip made in the grey of winter. I can report that Paris, that beautiful city, is lovely in winter. It’s a panorama of greys with rare splashes of color made all the more interesting by the surrounding neutrals.
I took many, many photos. Now during this Tennessee winter, I have wanted to remember the beautiful greys of Paris. So I’m using my photos as painting references.
I made quite a few in the St. Lazare train station, a favorite for Monet. In fact, he rented a small apartment nearby so he could paint the station at different times of the day and thus in different light situations.
St. Lazare no longer plays host to steam powered trains as it did then, but the station itself is still very much the place he painted with its huge glass gables, ironwork and stream of passengers, most so very, very French from stylish Parisians to others just in from the countryside. 

This particular painting of mine features one of the stylish city dwellers but it’s truly mostly about St. Lazare, its functional and graceful iron skeleton and its beautiful, beautiful light.  


  1. Excellent work, Shirley! I love the hint of light on the figure and you painted the train beautifully!!! Love it.!

  2. Well done, Shirley! I loved Monet's train station paintings. Used to pour over them. Occasionally, we'll watch French films and there will be a station or two in one of the scenes. I got so excited! Your lone figure adds mystery and life to the inanimate glass and steel. Love it!

  3. Great painting! Love the atmosphere and of course the legs! Beautiful.


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