Monday, January 13, 2014

My Continuing Love Affair with Parasols

Butterfly is a 20x16 oil done from life by Shirley Fachilla.
I think this is my latest figure with a parasol; I love painting people with or under umbrellas. In this blog, I’ve even examined why I, and other artists, find such people so great to paint. 
I must also admit I have done many more umbrella/parasol paintings than I have ever posted in Sometimes… at least, I haven't posted them yet!
I’m posting this, my latest, because she’s in Arizona at The Best and Brightest juried show in the Scottsdale Artists School. There are some especially lovely works in this year’s show.

Here’s a link to them all. (You might brew a cup of tea or pour a cup of joe and tour this year’s offerings online.)


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Shirley. I love the glow in her face...and the colorful umbrella....nice work..

  2. Your lighting gets me every time. Love how the light is hitting her and how it affects her robe. What a wonderful skill you have!

  3. Beautiful figurative portraiture. I am very fond of your gestural style. I hope I get as skilled as you are. Your work is inspirational. --until this bog, I had no idea there were online, juried shows. Thanks.

  4. Shirley!
    Magical! Mystical! Magnificent!
    The definition of beauty!
    Bravo once more!


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