Monday, April 7, 2014

A Remembrance of Cezanne

Filagree is a 14x11 oil done from life by Shirley Fachilla.

You may very well be wondering why Filagree is a “remembrance of Cezanne.”   
I’ll try to explain.
I went to a Cezanne exhibit at our National Gallery in D.C. a few years ago. Those paintings took my breath away. His still lifes had such volume and presence with apples and oranges that looked as though they could tumble out of the canvas and roll across the gallery floor. Then there were the views of St. Victorie, so varied and diverse although they were all of the very same mountain.  
There was one painting that especially captured my attention. It was a simple portrait of one of his father’s farmhands, farmhands that he often painted playing cards. He painted this man alone with the light catching his eyelashes, so that the lashes were etched in light. It seemed such a delicate touch for the study of a laborer and for a painter lauded for his ability to convey mass and weight.

My view of our beautiful model at open studio allowed me just such a view. Her lashes were turned to gold by the light, filigreed so to speak. Thus she became my special remembrance of Cezanne.  


  1. She's beautiful, Shirley! The color of her hair is gorgeous....another wonderful portrait....

  2. Beautiful lighting, Shirley! Love the magical way the light catches parts of her face.


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