Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Five Days with the Master, Max Ginsburg

My work from the first day 
I’ve just finished a wonderful learning experience, a five day workshop with Max Ginsburg right here in my home city of Nashville, Tennessee.
I knew Max was an amazing draughtsman, and artist friend Mike Sowers had told us that he was a good teacher. (Mike had taken a workshop from Max at the Art Students League in New York.) So I had high expectations, expectations that were not only met but exceeded.
Max’s work ethic astonished. We started early; we stayed late. Jeanie Smith, the creator of  Warehouse 521 Max’s venue in Nashville, brought in lunch and Max proceeded to lecture during lunchtime! He did demos for us almost every day, but the demos were quick so we would have time to paint and learn from his lead.  And he brought a stack of his beautiful little paintings for us to learn from as well. Some were quite finished and polished; others were very painterly.  All were gorgeous.

More about what I learned from Max in my next post. Some of that learning was quite surprising!  


  1. Well done Shirley! I love your work! Max most certainly is a great teacher and you most certainly are a great student! I so love this portrait for many reasons! I can definitely see your wonderful soft and beautiful style shining through in this beautiful piece! I am looking forward to your next post! Keep on painting!
    Take care!

  2. Beautiful portrait Shirley, you captured a quiet elegance in her.

  3. What a wonderful workshop this sounds like! Your painting is lovely, too.

  4. This painting is truly magnificent, Shirley! I love the soft appearance of her skin and the different tones in it.You've captured her beautiful features without being overly detailed. The blue in her hair and the unfinished edges of the painting all support the beauty in this portrait. Outstanding!

  5. This is SO beautifully painted, Shirley! The softness in her skin is amazing. I really, really LOVE this portrait!!! I will be checking out Max Ginsburg's work!!

  6. Such a pleasure to catch up with your beautiful work! I love All Her Worldly Possessions and congratulations on the award. Your portraits are wonderful—exquisite, subtle transitions. skin tones and perfect light. I also really like your landscapes and still-lifes. Thanks for introducing me to Max Ginsburg . . . looking forward to your next post!


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