Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Strolling from Paris to the Salmagundi!

A Stroll Beside the Louvre by Shirley Fachilla

This little trio should be arriving at The Salmagundi Club in NYC any day now. It’s one of my favorite paintings, and I guess some jurors at the fabled club liked it, too, for it’s has been juried into the club’s annual Non-Member Painting and Sculpture Exhibition.
I’m very honored and quite thrilled by my painting’s inclusion.
Salmagundi is one of the oldest and most respected art organizations in the country; it’s housed in a beautiful, historic brownstone located on Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village. Some of our country’s best artists have been members, artists like Tiffany, N.C. Wyeth, Childe Hassam, William Merrit Chase.
The Non-Member Painting and Sculpture Exhibition runs from July 18th to July 29th.

If you can, stop by the exhibition promises to be great, and the Salmagundi itself is an experience!

P.S. Christine asked about the "engagement activity" in my prior Ordinary People Exhibit post. Christine's question was quite some time ago!!! But here's the much delayed answer:
The activity was a large journal where exhibit attendees were asked to write the story they saw in an exhibit painting. Obviously, the answers were varied, and none were wrong! It was a neat activity. Perhaps something to try in your own exhibit?  

Is it too early to send an invitation?

Pieces by (clockwise from left to right) : Susan Harlan, Janet Garner, Shirley Fachilla, Mike Martino and Topper Williams. So many ...