Monday, July 17, 2017

Crooked or the Charm of Imperfection

It was raining, very hard. We were outside with our easels, palettes, hats and assorted paraphernalia. Thankfully there was also a porch otherwise we could have never delivered on our given assignment: to produce a “concept” painting.  

This was the last day of a Marc Hanson workshop, and this was to be our last painting. Marc is a landscapist who produces gorgeous poetic paintings chock full of concept. He was trying very hard to help us do the same.  

My concept? The title tells it all. Everything in and of this little shed (with the exception of the cylindrical birdfeeder hanging from a hook on the left) is crooked. This is both its charm and its imperfection.

Sometimes I can start with a concept and sometimes the concept, the real point of the painting, only shows itself midway through. Sigh.

P.S. According to marketing people, one should never apologize for failing to post on a regular basis. I have not posted for more than a year on this blog. I think that deserves a mention and an apology. I hope to do better. 

P.P.S. The upper left corner of the painting caught all sorts of reflection. Photographing paintings can be maddeningly difficult. 

The painting: Crooked or the Charm of Imperfection is an 11x14 oil done in plein air by me, Shirley Fachilla.

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