About Subscribing and Commenting


What do you get with a subscription? Each new post will arrive to you as an email. You can read it or toss it. Reply to it and I'll receive your comment in my email box. Your email address remains just between us. If I have some outstanding news, I'll tell you via email, but I won't share your address with anyone.

To Subscribe:
  1.  Type in your email address in the space in the top (Feedburner) box on the right side of the blog.
  2. Click subscribe.
  3. You'll be given a series of letters to type to make sure your a real person.
  4. Type the letters in the space provided. Hit submit.
  5. In a short while, you'll  receive an email to confirm your subscription. You must open the email and confirm to complete your subscription and receive emailed posts. 

All bloggers love comments. It tells us that someone out there is actually viewing the blog and makes it much more like a conversation than a monologue! To comment on a post simply click on the small "comment" in the white rectangle under the post. Type your comment in the box; pick an identity (Google accounts, by the way, are free). Duplicate the series of letters in the box provided to guard against spammers. Click submit.
I'll receive the comment in my email and publish it.

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